Pitch and Rhythm Drills


"Tonal Sightreading for Choirs"


Nat E. Frazer

known more familiarly as "The 200 Patterns"

Known, used and loved by thousands of choirs and choir directors throughout Georgia, Alabama and the U.S., the "200 Patterns" are a set of drills for teaching singers to read music. They are excerpted from a longer work called "Tonal Sightreading for Choirs" by the late Nat E. Frazer. Director of award-winning choir programs in Athens, Georgia; Moultrie, Georgia; and Middle Georgia College, Mr. Frazer also conducted many successful sightreading clinics for students and teachers. Although the book is out of print, Mr. Frazer's daughter, Lila Frazer Ralston, is still publishing the drill sheets and can supply draft (unbound) copies of the book as well for those who have never used these materials. Drill sheets are $1.50 per copy; draft copies of the book are $5. Prices include shipping. Orders must be accompanied by payment or by a school purchase order. For more information, email lila@markandlila.com or write to Lila F. Ralston, 190 Pendleton Drive, Athens, GA 30606.