According to rescuer Diana Knight: "He is 2 years old, good with other dogs, kids and I think cats. Owner turned into shelter because he was tired of him. Has been at shelter since Feb 22 and his time was about to come to an end. He learned the pet door at our house in 20 minutes but pooped inside last night but i am going to give him special dispensation since he has been at the shelter so long and last night was his first night of freedom. He is a bit on the skinny side and is HW negative. I gave him a HW pill last night. He has been dewormed and had his other shots except rabies but we are having him rechecked for everything next week sometime. He would make someone a great companion. He is very sweet and loving and loves to give kisses to everyone, male and female alike."

Update 6/17! "I am going to list Oscar with Coastal Pet Rescue - I think he has a better chance of being adopted that way. The contact for that is lisa@coastalpetrescue.org--the website is www.coastalpetrescue.org. Lisa said she would try and get him on the website today. We have an adoption event today so my husband is taking him to that and he will be microchipped too. He is neutered by the way."