Athens-Clarke County Purebreed Rescue Referral

The people listed here have agreed to be contacted if dogs of their chosen breed are left with Animal Control. Owners wishing to surrender dogs of these breeds are also encouraged to contact these volunteers. Contact information last updated April 15, 2007.

The following information will be helpful when contacting rescuers: age and sex of dog; color; spayed/neutered or not; any health or behavior information; deadline for rescuing. If available, please include pictures (or a link to where pictures can be viewed).

Unless otherwise stated, all rescuers deal with purebred dogs only.

William Simpson

American Black and Tan Coonhound
We take only Black and Tan Coonhounds, not the other varieties.

Basset Hound
Pat King, Intake Coordinator
(404) 463-7197l

Leslie Carroll
Nancy Bobbitt

Bernese Mountain Dog
Chattahoochee Valley Bernese Mountain Dog Club
Haley Hayes

Bichon Frise
Linda Pinault, Director
SE Bichon Frise Rescue
Bichon ResQ Member
see Toy Breeds and Mixes

Boston Terrier

Birmingham Boston Terrier Rescue
Ron Baker

Rocky's Boxer Rescue
Contact Donna
or Heather

Jeff Gold
(706) 769-9696

We will take in boxers of all ages and conditions, including older, injured and sick dogs, even those requiring emergency vet care. We will also try to rehabilitate those with serious behaviour problems.

At this time we can only help with [purebred] boxers, although we may be able to post pictures of boxer mixes on our Web site.

If you know of a boxer in need in Georgia, please send the following information: photo in JPEG (.jpg) format; detailed description of the animal; contact information for yourself or shelter with the dog; animal I.D. number at shelter (if any); date animal needs to be adopted by (if at a shelter).
Also, if you'd like to become a foster home, or if you can help with transporting animals in Georgia, please contact our foster coordinator, Rebecca Morris:
(706) 485-2583 or (706) 485-0109

Brad & Jennifer Archer
(678) 560-6427
We do not [handle mixes or crosses], but National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network ( does.

Brussels Griffon
William Simpson

Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Laura Blanton
(770) 967-4099
(Purebred Cardigan Welsh Corgis only; no Pembrokes, mixes or crosses. Cardigans are the larger, long-tailed Corgis.)

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief Rescue
(770) 684-7831
Purebreds are our priority but given foster space we will take in mixes that demonstrate many of the Chessie characteristics.
We as most rescues are very careful of dogs with bite histories so the more information we have on an owner turn in the better. Bite circumstances and severity are crucial to our decision making!
Maureen O'Brien-Pitts (Jefferson)
(706)367-2678 (e-mail would be best as I can check that while I'm at work)
Sarah Scheel Cook
(770) 684-7831

Atlanta Dog Squad

Chibaby Rescue--Hollie Kleitz
(678) 457-2127
See Toy Breeds and Mixes

Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Georgia
Joanne Halvorsen (Bethlehem, GA)
(678) 963-0023

Connie Delinski, President
Collie Rescue of Metro Atlanta
(404) 633-2337
I take in mixes IF we have the space. Unfortunately I generally don't have any room at all. Just notify us, and if we have the space and it's a collie, we will take it in. If anyone could help with transport that would be great.

Dachshund Rescue of North America
Lila Ralston

Doberman Pinscher
Ellen Savage, kennel manager
North Metro Atlanta Doberman Pinscher Rescue
(770) 565-7974

English Bulldog
Ali Moore, BullDawg Rescue of Georgia (Watkinsville)
English Bulldogs only (like the U.Ga. mascot!)

Flat Coated Retriever
Atlanta Dog Squad

Fox Terrier
Greater Atlanta Fox Terrier Club

German Shepherd
Ryan Hitchcock
Atlanta German Shepherd Dog Rescue
(770 )247-8396
AGSDR does not take in any aggressive dogs or any dog that has growled at or bitten any person. If your dog is aggressive with other dogs we will have a hard time fostering them, as all of our foster home volunteers have dogs of their own.

Georgia German Shepherd Dog Rescue

Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta
Right now we can not take mixes because we do not have fosters for them. When we have room we will take a pure lab but we take Goldens first. We do not take aggressive dogs. We will take sick goldens and labs, HWP, broke legs, hip etc. We neuter/spay, give all shots, fecal etc.

Atlanta Dog Squad

Great Dane
Great Dane Club of the Mid-South Inc. Rescue
The Great Dane Club of the Mid-South, Inc. unfortunately voted against continuing "active" Dane Rescue early last year. They are currently doing what they call "passive" rescue.
Jennifer Carr

Greyt Friends, Inc.
Patti Friedman
Deanna Hansen
(770) 971-8788

Jack Russell Terriers
Ally Barnes
South by Southwest Jack Russell Terrier Rescue
(404) 522-7734

Labrador Retriever
Atlanta Dog Squad

Lhasa Apso
see Toy Breeds and Mixes

See Toy Breeds and Mixes

Miniature Schnauzer
Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of NW Georgia
Paula Steele, DVM
(706) 695-6831
Linda Penault
(912) 596-2945
See Toy Breeds and Mixes

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
Atlanta Dog Squad

See Toy Breeds and Mixes

Tyler Johnson, Incoming Dog Coordinator (Oklahoma)

See Toy Breeds and Mixes

See Toy Breeds and Mixes

Toni Graven Pomerene
543-8141 (H) 706-338-4885 (C)
Brenda Megel
Southeast Pug Rescue and Adoption
P.O. Box 1329
Suwanee GA 30024

Rat Terrier
See Toy Breeds and Mixes

Atlanta Dog Squad

See Toy Breeds and Mixes

Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas
We rescue all breeds of Schnauzers (Mini, Standard and Giant) and cover the area north and east of Atlanta in GA.

Sealyham Terrier
Michael Sweeney
Please contact me re ANY Sealys you may get or questions, etc. Sealies are quite rare around here and I want to make sure that none of them stays in an animal control or humane society any longer than possible.

Shih Tzu
Shih Tzu and Furbaby Rescue
We work with Shih Tzus and all toy breeds and mixes.

Siberian Husky
Brandy Van Vorst
(770) 562-3600

Terriers (various)
See Welsh Terrier

Toy Breeds and Mixes
Shih Tzu and Furbaby Rescue

Welsh Terrier
Carolyn Morris
Welsh Terrier Club of America
(404) 351-1330 (Atlanta, GA)
WTCARES, the rescue service for WTCA
By all means, please do contact us with any rescue Welsh Terriers or any questions or problems. We are more than willing to help. We are also members of the Atlanta Terrier Club so if there are other terrier breeds with which you need help, do not hesitate to contact us.

Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkie Angels Rescue, Dublin GA
Jane Smith
478-274-9939 or cell 478-290-5742


Yorkshire Terrier Rescue Network, Inc.
LaRue Thorpe
Vice President, YTRN
Cell: 910-612-4224


Praying for Paws, Inc.
Carol Kelly
289 Jonesboro Rd. suite 266
McDonough, Ga. 30253
We take all dogs, mutts or purebreds but we are experts in the Yorkshire Terriers, we have been rescuing them and finding homes for them for several years now. Our local animal shelter will vouch for us. We are a 501c3 and licensed by the state of Georgia.


See Toy Breeds and Mixes

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